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  Well Care

At Grand Strand Pediatrics we have a team of experts dedicated to providing your child with comprehensive care from infancy to young adulthood in a friendly and responsive environment. Our services are designed to ensure the healthy development of each child...

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  Immunizations / Vaccine Program

The practice administers vaccines to children for protection against infectious diseases. Regardless of the source of payment for vaccines, immunizations are required for daycare and school. The VFC program will provide vaccines for children who are eligible under one or more of the following categories.

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  Check Ups

Regular checkups are recommended to monitor the healthy development of growing children from birth through early adulthood. Infants and toddlers should visit their doctor every two to three months, while children over the age of two should visit annually. Our doctors are specially trained to handle the needs of growing children through each stage of their life.

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  Nursing Services

Our medical personnel is of the highest quality. The nursing staff is licensed in the State of South Carolina. We entrust our medical personnel to handle your routine questions regarding well care and illness. Inservicing is ongoing with our staff to provide you with the most reliable medical information available.

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  Sports Physicals

The physicians will preform a complete physical examination that is a more reliable measure of a child's ability to participate in extracurricular activities than a sports physical. A new school year begins the day after the old school year ends.

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  Telephone Services

We strive to offer an immediate response to all calls, but unfortunately, we cannot always do that. We will have a nurse available to take your call without going through the automated voice mail system when at all possible.

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  Additional Services

Circumcisions and wart destruction services are available by appointment.

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