Immunizations / Vaccine Program

The practice administers vaccines to children for protection against infectious diseases.

Some health insurance plans pay for vaccines. For those children that do not have health insurance, the state of South Carolina in conjunction with the federal government will provide vaccines at no cost to the parent/guardian. The program is known as, Vaccine For Children (VFC). The vaccines are purchased through a state contract direct from the manufacturers and are not generic.

Regardless of the source of payment for vaccines, immunizations are required for daycare and school.

The VFC program will provide vaccines for children who are eligible under one or more of the following categories:

  • Are enrolled in the SC Medicaid program
  • Child is an American Indian/Alaskan Native
  • Have no health insurance

Unfortunately, there are children who have health insurance that does not pay for vaccines, children who have health insurance but the plan “caps” the benefit or children who have health insurance that the vaccines are selected as to coverage.

The VFC program is limiting or will be eliminating those children from the program sometime during the summer/fall of 2011 due to state and federal budget cuts.

Children in this classification may have to be sent to a qualified health center to obtain the vaccines as private physician’s offices will no longer be permitted to give immunizations to these children. Our office can update you on this as more information is received.

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